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ARMCO®ARMCO® Pure Iron /
ARMCO® Telar 57

Developed 1909 by the former American Rolling Mill Company, ARMCO® Pure Iron soon became the synonym for the purest steel mill produced iron with a purity of more than 99.85 % Fe. The first heat of ARMCO® Pure Iron to be produced in Europe was cast in Germany at 'Vereinigte Stahlwerke AG' (today: ThyssenKrupp Steel).

In 1957 ARMCO® Telar 57 was developed as a non-aging variant of ARMCO® Pure Iron, in order to satisfy the specific needs of the electrical industry.

Even after a century of technical progress ARMCO® Pure Iron, because of its special properties, is still a very modern and widely used material satisfying various requirements of many modern day industries. Its unique characteristics, its numerous applications ranging from remelting to electromagnetic components and various delivery forms from remelting billet to pyrometer protection tube are described on the following pages.