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Energy, Oil, Gas & Chemical

High-end materials for high-end requirements

ARMCO® Precipitation Hardening Stainless Steels combine high strength, excellent corrosion resistance and give designers an opportunity to add reliability to their products. The unique combination of these properties make ARMCO® PH Stainless Steels a widely used material in energy, oil and gas on- and offshore exploration, chemical and petrochemical industries. Typical uses include parts for high pressure and drilling systems exposed to sour gas, for compressor pistons, pump and valve shafts, balls, gates, bushings, fasteners, couplings etc.

ARMCO® NITRONIC Stainless Steels are austenitic iron-based alloys of chromium, nickel and manganese which are nitrogen strengthened. High strength levels, excellent corrosion resistance and extremely low-magnetic permeability make them effective steels for offshore, subsea, petroleum, petrochemical and chemical industries. Components of pumps, valves, fasteners etc benefit from the combination of excellent corrosion resistance and high strength, at both elevated and sub-zero temperatures.

ARMCO® Pure Iron has been proven as an unrivalled component for safe, reliable and long-term operation under various conditions. Related (petro-)chemical and industrial applications include soft metallic gaskets and sealings, galvanizing/pure metal tanks and their accessories as well as anti-corrosions anodes, e.g., for pickling baths or for cooling systems of power plants. Safety-critical switching in power conductors, circuit breakers and solenoid valves demonstrates the innovative potential as a soft-magnetic iron, and as an electrically conductive iron it has been established for earthing material of high-voltage equipment like transmission line pylons.

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