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This Special Product Category: ARMCO® Pure Iron


At AK Steel International, we sometimes want to draw extra attention to a product range under the title: This Special Product Category.

AK Steel International is a registered supplier for science, medical and shielding projects and offers as such, amongst others, ARMCO® Pure Iron. A well-known application of the ARMCO® Pure Iron product range is the use as magnetic shielding for static and mobile MRI scanners, detectors, x-ray devices, etc.

ARMCO® Pure Iron is an unalloyed iron which shows highest saturation induction, magnetic permeability and flexibility with respect to available sizes. The product is unique in its purity, with a minimum iron content of 99.85%. All natural impurities have been largely removed.

Driven by project needs and market requests, we are continuously adapting our dimension range. This includes:

  • meter-sized round forgings
  • cuboid forgings
  • various ranges of common hot and cold rolled items
  • heavy plates

One of the fields where the ARMCO® Pure Iron product has a formidable footprint is in the application in particle accelerators. Please refer to our latest CERN Courier note for an overview in this application field. You can find the referring news item in the following link:

We would like to encourage you to share your requirements with us for a detailed technical review via our contact form. Obviously you can also use the contact form for all other questions you might have about this product category or other products we market.

AK Steel International markets specialty steel products such as ARMCO® Pure Iron, stainless steel, metal products and composite auxiliary materials for the aerospace, automotive and industrial sectors.

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